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Ballot Tracker: Status of Minnesota Absentee or Mail Ballot


This website is updated nightly. Election officials may take up to several days to process your application. It will appear on this website the day after it is processed.

If you did not provide an ID number on your absentee ballot application, you cannot use this service. Instead, please contact your county election office.


What characters can I enter?

  • Letters A to Z, uppercase or lowercase. Do not use letters with accents or diacritics (such as E with an accute accent or N with a tilde) or non-English characters (such as Cyrillic letters or Chinese characters).
  • Spaces
  • Hyphens
  • Apostrophes
Date of birth

Use numbers in the month, /day/ and year format: zero one, thrity-one, nineteen eighty for January 31, 1980, for example.

ID number

Select the type of ID you provided on your absentee ballot application.